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Synergy Transition Consulting

Shelley A.W. Roy

389 15th St. N
Sartell, MN 56377
Mobile: 320-309-9133
Phone: 320-259-6048
Fax: 320-259-9190

Synergy Transition Consulting
Creating Dynamic Balance Through Change

Introduction Video:

Shelley Roy provides a lively analogy to introduce the basic ideas underpinning the scientific theory of living systems; Perceptual Control Theory. Focusing on the difference between 'the rock view' of life and 'the plant view of life, Ms. Roy explains how to date much of the thinking on human behavior is based on two faulty theories; stimulus response psychology and cognitive psychology. These theories which Ms Roy refers to as 'the rock views' lead to thinking that with the right strategy, the right program, the right language anyone can learn to control someone else. Shelley also shares her belief that "one size does not fit all" and that customization is necessary to better meet the needs of individual clients.

Loop Video:
At the core of Perceptual Control Theory is an understanding that behavior is the control of perception. Building on the introduction Ms. Roy walks the audience through a step by step overview of the negative feedback loop which serves as the corner stone for understanding living systems theory. Shelley shares that one of the key principles that directs her work with others is to honor the individual and celebrating the collective diversity organizations have to offer. Ms. Roy believes that basing her work on a scientific theory that is being modeled and testing today validates her message and adds strength and dimension to everything she does.

Perception Video:
In this final clip Ms. Roy shares the complexity of the system that is created by building higher level perceptions from combinations of lower level perceptions. Shelley takes the audience through an abbreviated version of the behavioral hierarchy, demonstrating that error is necessary for learning and ending by helping her audience understands that to become the person they really want to be they need to have a more comprehensive awareness of self. Ms. Roy concludes that what she finds most rewarding in her work is helping individuals and organizations change more quickly and at deeper levels while coming out the other side stronger.