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Synergy Transition Consulting

Shelley A.W. Roy

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Synergy Transition Consulting
Creating Dynamic Balance Through Change
Training Programs

Available Programs

A People Primer

Take more effective control of your life by clearing out the clutter.  This life changing seminar is about changing your understanding of human behavior - which leads to more effective management of self and others, while reducing stress!   Using Perceptual Control Theory (PCT) as a foundation for understanding the latest scientific theory of human behavior you can enhance your personal and professional relationships. Opportunities for practicing applications in management, parenting, facilitation, teaching and personal relationships will fortify integration of these ideas into your daily life.  Learn what it means to live a full circle life!  Find out how to manage without using punishment and reward systems, how to resolve conflict without getting involved and how to take advantage of the natural learning process.

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Renaissance Thinking for the 21st Century

Based on the work of Michael Gelb, Frijof Capra and Roger von Oech, this session is designed to provide participants a chance to:

  • increase their creativity.
  • balance their thinking.
  • take a refreshing new look at balancing their home and work life.

Through interactive activities and self-reflection we will explore organizational and personal systems. Utilizing the da Vincian Principles of: Curiosita, Dimonstrazione, Sensazione, Sfumato, Arte/Scienza, Corporalita, and Connessione, we will enhance our daily living and working.

This session is best as a full day or multiple day session. The interactive nature of this session keeps individuals engaged. The self-reflective nature of the session allows for time between sessions.

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For the first time in our history today’s workforce is made up of four generations: The Traditionalists, the Boomers, the X’ers, and the Millennials. As these generational values and experiences meet, we need skills and strategies to bridge the gaps. How we motivate, provide feedback and train each of these generations will make or break today’s work places and learning institutions. Effective understanding and communication are critical. This session will help participants explore the tenants of each of the generations and gain effective skills for working with the complexity of four generations at work.

This session is an energizing fun active keynote. Originally designed to be a half-day introduction to working, mentoring or teaching to multiple generations, this session can be extended to a full day session. A multi-day session would provide an opportunity for fine tuning and reworking: workplace interventions, training sessions, instructional courses, recruiting strategies, job coaching, and other human resource activities.

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Critical Thinking Skills

Critical Thinking Skills is a course developed to provide teachers with strategies to incorporate specific critical thinking skills into a Standards-Based Curriculum and/or Performance Based Assessment Programs. The course focuses on strategies for how to teach analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.
When using Critical Thinking Skills the teacher challenges students with open-ended problems and learning experiences. Utilizing Critical Thinking Skills encourages students to gain new understandings and insights into presented or gathered information.

The Critical Thinking Skills taught will help students:

  • Make Decisions
  • Reason
  • Solve Problems
  • Increase Understanding
  • Move to Action
  • Reflect

This session is a refreshing, fun, active, multi-day session, originally designed to be a two-day college course. The multi-day session format provides an opportunity for fine-tuning and reworking: training sessions, instructional units or integrating critical thinking skills into course work. This is an excellent session for teachers new to the profession and veteran teachers.

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Follow the Leader?

“For a long time, I believed the old leadership paradigm that told me that my job was to plan, organize, command, coordinate, and control. I saw my organization function like a herd of buffalo… Then one day I go it! What I really wanted in the organization was a group of responsible, interdependent workers… Then I saw clearly that the biggest obstacle to success was my picture of a loyal herd of buffalo waiting for me, the leader, to tell them what to do. I knew I had to change the pictures to become a different kind of leader, so everyone could become a leader.” J. Belasco and R. Stayer

Using the latest research on human behavior, systems thinking, and leadership, we will explore workable strategies on how to:

  • utilize role involvement.
  • build and maintain effective professional relationships.
  • effectively handle complaints & de-escalate confrontations.

We will take time to investigate and plan for becoming the kind of leader you want to be!

A leader who:

  • transfers ownership for work to the worker.
  • creates an environment where others self-monitor and self-evaluate.
  • coaches the development of personal capabilities.
  • knows the importance of everyone being a life-long learner.

This session is designed to be flexible in it’s scheduling. The longer the training time the more in-depth the content and the more time for practical application and practice. A minimum of 2 1/2 hours for an introductory session is required. For a full in-depth training based on these and additional ideas; a Level One and Level Two training, each consisting of 24, hours has been designed.

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Living Your Life as a Work of ART!

Are you in need of a tune-up?
Do you feel like your running on empty?
Have you lost site of what's important in your life?

Let’s take time to pull you into the garage, look under your hood, kick your tires and pull out your road map to see if you are ready for the Indy 500 we call life. Learn how to develop new ways to think about yourself, what you want and what you are doing to get it. You can become your own master mechanic and keep yourself running like NEW!

… Remember stressed spelled backwards is desserts!

This session is designed to be a quick introduction to the ideas of human behavior and creating balance in your life. It can be a quick pick-me-up session of an hour and a half, a keynote, or a full day of taking a new look at your life and where you are heading. Personal coaching can be a great addition to this session.

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Graphic Representation: A Key to Effective Instruction


Graphic Representations are visual organizers used as a way of giving information a pattern for better understanding and meaning making (i.e., semantic maps, Venn diagrams). Graphic Representations have been especially effective with active learners, who become bored easily, and students who have difficulty processing the printed word.

Graphic Representations will enable learners to:

  • represent and organize main ideas and key concepts, causal relations, vocabulary, symbols, concepts, principles, and generalizations.
  • plan the sequence of their writing (beginning, middle, and end), sort main ideas and supporting detail, organize sources of information, and record brainstorming efforts of cooperative teams.
  • represent the connections between new knowledge and prior knowledge.
  • process the new learning by moving it into long-term memory.

The use of Graphic Representations is supported by:

  • Brain Research: Construction of Knowledge, Metacognition, Activating Schemata, and Patterning.
  • Multiple Intelligence Theory: Logical/Mathematical and Visual/Spatial.
  • Generational Research on the Y Generation/Millennials

This session is an energizing fun, active full day session, originally designed to be part of college course on the three top instructional strategies. The daylong session format provides an opportunity for fine-tuning and reworking: training sessions, instructional units or integrating Graphic Representations into course work..

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Inside-Out Service

We often think the key to good customer service is serving others first. When you understand human behavior you know that serving yourself is the only way you can serve others. Knowing strategies for keeping your life stress free will translate into effective strategies for working with clients and co-workers. Together we will have fun while practicing the art of:

  • Keeping Yourself in Balance
  • Listening, and
  • Handling Complaints

This session is an energizing keynote. This session was originally designed to be a half-day introduction to the ideas of human behavior and creating dynamic balance in your own life, thereby, better preparing you to work with others. This session can be extended to two full days of working on serving others through serving yourself. This session lends itself to be an energizing practical keynote appropriate for a wide variety of audiences.

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Custom Designed Training

Completely customized training is also available. The only limits are your imagination!

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All sessions will be customized to your setting!
The following delivery options are usually available:

  • One-hour keynote intended to peak interest.
  • 1/2 Day session to explore the basic ideas.
  • Full day to gain understanding of the concepts.
  • Multi-Day to gain understanding and integrate concepts.