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Synergy Transition Consulting

Shelley A.W. Roy

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Synergy Transition Consulting
Creating Dynamic Balance Through Change
Inside-Out Leadership
The leadership challenge of the millennium…is a personal challenge.

Inside-Out Leadership is a comprehensive program based on the belief that every individual is a leader. The program is designed to provide participants with the theory, skills and practices required for enhancing their leadership capacity both professionally and personally. It aims to help individuals develop a distinct set of behaviors that effective leaders practice on a daily basis. When individuals see value in what they are doing, change and growth will occur.

Inside-Out Leadership was developed by Shelley A.W. Roy and is based on the work of Marvin Weisbord, Margaret Wheatley, Frijof Capra, William Powers, William Deming, Robert Sylwester and the International Association of Applied Control Theory faculty and contributing members. It integrates the latest thinking in the areas of brain research, systems thinking, change and transition, leadership, and human behavior.

The Inside-Out Leadership program presents a developmental pathway that will enable those who desire to become better leaders practical skills to be applied in ways unique to each individual. Throughout the program opportunities for the participants to develop their skills and capacity for self-evaluation, coaching and mentoring will be provided.

An Inside-Out Leader is a systems thinker who:

  • looks at the organization as a complex system within a context and recognizes the strengths and weaknesses of the system.
  • understands organizations are a web of synergistic relationships and knows how to build and maintain effective professional relationships.
  • believes he or she can only control himself or herself and creates an environment free of blame and fear centered on self-evaluation and self-responsibility.
  • views every individual in the organization as a bundle of potential and examines the process rather than the individual, when looking for solutions.

To live Inside-Out Leadership with ease and grace, leaders will need to change both how they think and what they do. They will need to stop describing tasks and instead facilitate process. Leaders will need to become savvy about how to build relationships, and how to nurture growing, evolving living systems and organizations. Everyone in organizations will need better skills in listening, communication, and facilitating groups, because these are the talents that build strong relationships. It is well known that the era of the rugged individualistic leader has been replaced by the era of the team player. But this is only the beginning. The world today has demolished the concept of the disconnected individual. More and more successful organizations will be built on strong relationships between all members of the organization.

Inside-Out Leadership
The leadership challenge of the millennium…is a personal challenge.
Training Pathway

Level 1 – Inside-Out Leadership Basics

Module 1 Introduction (2 Days)

  • Basics of Systems Thinking
  • Understanding Human Behavior /Perceptual Control Theory
  • Self Evaluation Questions

Module 2 Skill Development (2 Days)

  • Principles of Genius Thinking
  • Facilitating Self-evaluation
  • Managing Conflict
  • Dealing with Resistance and Difficult People

Level 2 - Inside-Out Leadership Skill Integration

Module 3 Relationship and Communication Skills (2 Days)

  • Trust Building
  • Drama Triangle
  • Listening Skills
  • Communication Wheel

Module 4 Creating Your Personal Pathway (2 Days)

  • Role Negotiation
  • Setting Limits
  • Reinventing Your Leadership Style
  • Advanced Questioning Skills


This training pathway is best implemented over an 18 month to two-year period of time. The first two days can be delivered in isolation, as can many of the components. However, to gain long-term, effective change in behavior, the full course is recommended. This course is excellent when aligned with Strategic Planning. Remember custom designed training is my specialty.