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Synergy Transition Consulting
Creating Dynamic Balance Through Change
A Connected School




A Connected School is what we want our students to experience daily. Today, teachers are familiar with the pressure to
 raise test scores along with other demands of teaching, creating distress and disconnection from their students. 
A Connected School inspires new and seasoned teachers to implement what most educators already know as the
 essential characteristics -- achievement, caring and safety -- of every successful school.

Hundreds of schools from inside the Arctic Circle to the outback of Australia utilize ideas taught in A Connected School.
 For a list of school references in the United States from the East Coast, the Midwest or the West Coast, please contact us
In A Connected School examples are given of how educators teach from the indispensable attribute we call 
Discipline Within:


  • to discover the hidden successes behind students' misbehaviors.

  • to maintain connections and restore capacity for learning with disruptive students.

  • to teach from significant beliefs about Being the Teacher You Want To Be!

All parents and teachers want their children and students to be successful. They are not in the habit, however, of seeking student's immediate success when embroiled in a disciplinary issue. Nor are they practiced at focusing collective beliefs and group values when there is a classroom disruption. And seldom do they first think about discipline within themselves when there's a conflict with others.

A Connected School explains how to be successful as a teacher when you are not getting what you want, uncertain about what to do or are in conflict with students. A Connected School is steeped with stories of teachers who value this new approach to understanding human behavior, and take this new understanding to daily classroom interactions (see "Get the Picture" at the end of each chapter).

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In A Connected School workshops teach practical ways for educators to successfully structure their classrooms and build relationships with students aligned with beliefs about responsibility, respect and safety. Modeled after best practices this systemic approach engages teachers in a deep level of understanding and practical approaches over time. As consultants in schools and/or classrooms Good, Grumely and Roy, teach students successful behaviors, pull out pro-social beliefs from misbehaviors and nurture studentís innate ability to learn. Schools that have embedded the principles of A Connected School through this program have seen the following results:


  • at least a 40% reduction in the number of discipline referrals.
  • no less than a 20% increase in academic performance.
  • improvement in teacher satisfaction.
  • increased parental involvement.

For more information on a recommended training session see PACS. We are available for a free (expenses-only) 20-minute or longer presentation to introduce the ideas of A Connected School at a staff meeting, PTO meeting or administrator's meeting.

Sample Chapters

Perceptual Control Theory (PDF 58 KB)
Achievement (PDF 127 KB)