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Synergy Transition Consulting

Shelley A.W. Roy

389 15th St. N
Sartell, MN 56377
Mobile: 320-309-9133
Phone: 320-259-6048
Fax: 320-259-9190

Synergy Transition Consulting
Creating Dynamic Balance Through Change
Untangling the Mystery of Behavior
The New Science of Behavior

Untangling the Mystery of Behavior

“Neither the wind nor the flag are moving. It is your mind that moves.”
Friday April 11th 2008 More Information

Taking More Effective Control by
Clearing the Clutter Out of Your Life!
A life changing 1-day seminar! Changing your understanding of human behavior will lead to more effective management of self and others, while reducing stress.



Through reexamining your core ideas and beliefs about behavior this two-day seminar will lay the foundation for understanding the latest scientific theory of human behavior: Perceptual Control Theory (PCT). Understanding PCT will change both your personal and professional relationships. Opportunities for practicing applications in management, parenting, facilitation, teaching and personal relationships will fortify implementation.

For more information:
Call 320-309-9133 or Fax 320-259-9190 or
Email info@shelleyawroy.net Subject: Untangling 

"I feel this information was wonderful and very practical. I just know this will succeed!"
Tomas Rodriguez Lenox Hill Hospital NY, NY
Labor & Employee Relations Mgr.