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Synergy Transition Consulting

Shelley A.W. Roy

389 15th St. N
Sartell, MN 56377
Mobile: 320-309-9133
Phone: 320-259-6048
Fax: 320-259-9190

Synergy Transition Consulting
Creating Dynamic Balance Through Change
The New Science of Behavior
Untangling the Mystery of Behavior
The New Science of Behavior

"The universe is full of magical things,
patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper"
Eden Phillpotts


I invite you to come explore the latest and most accurate scientific theory of human behavior - HPCT. For years we have managed ourselves and others based on the rock view of life, forgetting we are living systems. Looking to nature and the new sciences, we can better understand the complexity of life and living.

Understanding how living systems seek dynamic balance can help leaders:

  • transfer ownership for work to the worker.
  • create an environment where others self-monitor.
  • coach the development of personal capabilities.
  • manage without external rewards and punishments.
  • teach and learn more effectively.

This two-day session is designed specifically for those of you who are already certified in control theory. This session will help you to bridge the work of William Glasser and William Powers. We will examine your present level of understanding of the science and explore the next steps for you. A major focus of the two days will be how to teach the science of PCT in fun and practical ways!